State of (the) Art

A documentary on the intersection of art and technology.



A visual artist from Calgary, Alberta, Daniel J. Kirk is a director/founder of Blank Page Studio, a creative hub, designed to encourage idea development. 

Daniel has been a practicing artist after graduating from the University of Calgary’s BFA program in 2007. His work focuses on visual communication and social development as his mediums extend from paint and wood carving to conversation and relationship building.  

Kirk’s public commissions and private work manifest as murals, installations, performance and interventions. Evidence of his work can now be found throughout Canada and the United States as well as Central America and Turkey.


Graduating with distinction from the University of Calgary's BFA program, Katie's work has exhibited in galleries such as Contemporary Calgary (MOCA), The Nickle, TRUCK, and Art Point Gallery. Her burgeoning body of mural work can be seen internationally in Nepal, India, Florida, Sri Lanka, Berlin, and Taiwan and was undertaken both independently and in collaboration with a number of collectives, non-profit organizations and local communities.

Her practice addresses nature as a crossroad for developing concepts of growth, death, adaptation, cooperation, and perhaps most importantly, our emotional and physical selves. More than something to be understood and subjectified, for her nature is a space and opportunity for questioning.


Mandy Stobo is a passionate artist, actor and mother. She is dedicated to her community, her family and her artwork while always taking in as many new perspectives, experiences and memories that life can offer.

With a practice honoring the traditional use of figure ground relationship and formalistic approaches to creating solid, successful compositions, her contemporary work merges together a use of text, chalk and highly saturated hues of paint. For Mandy, the process of creating is just as important as the finished product. Her mark making is not left to chance, but rather follows formal elements of design and aspects of composition.


The work of Van Charles narrates an authentic adventure through the Canadian wilderness. Equipped with a backpack and a camera, he travels to the deepest points of the Canadian backcountry to capture images of nature that will later be digitally collaged, applied to hand crafted wooden supports and detailed with acrylic paint.